It all started one late night in a bar in Toledo, Ohio also known as frogtown.  After divemastering with open water
students, and in the period when Bad Frog Beer's logo was getting bad press from being obscene,  a friend started
doodling on bar napkins.   A diving frog logo was born.   Since most things in this industry are black, Renee started
putting the logo on some of our gear to help identify it, and the name stuck.  One car vanity plate later, and various
t-shirts and gear, and more gear, it continues -
                        It's just too hard to stop perpetuating the stupidity!

I am a pharmacist living in Wauseon, Ohio.  I have been diving since 1990 with my wife Renee and various now good
friends met thru diving.  I purchased a video camera early on, and now various upgrades later, I enjoy documenting
the marvels underwater.  My underwater footage has been shown at Sandusky's Shipwrecks and Scuba, and
Our World Underwater in Chicago.    2008 also had me presenting at Beneath the Sea and Boston in 2009.  My friend
and partner
Rick Kruzel, TDI tech dive instructor and video producer in Toledo Ohio, has made complete programs
featuring wrecks from around the Great Lakes from my video footage.   Trimix certified, I can now go deep enough to
film the incredible wrecks of the Great Lakes and remember to press the record button!  Full cave certified, video
will be available when I have enough courage to carry the camera in there!  I am recently certified, 2019,  on the
Hollis Prism 2.  Now that learning curve starts.

I have been married to Marshall for over 30 years.  We have 2 grown girls.  I sew and quilt in my spare time. I enjoy
both fresh water and salt water diving. The diving and sewing has now intertwined into a nautical-themed hobby.  But
my husband wants me to put a fish on everything!  We have been to the South Pacific, Caribbean, and Latin America.  
Everything from hammerhead sharks, mantas, to Great Lakes shipwrecks have shown up in his videos and in my
sewing.  Recently trimix certified, I can enjoy some of the "deeper" wrecks.  I also have gotten the "cave" bug, and
am full cave certified.