Enjoy a 22 min DVD of the Gunilda.  This lavish 1900's oil executive's yacht lies
in 250 ft of water off Lake Superior's north coast.  Fireplace salons, with piano, and
more adorn this ship.  The bow and stern have gold leaf trim that still shines after
100 years.  The story of how she grounded and sank just adds delight to this
underwater beauty.  DVD is $15.00 (USD).  Use the contacts link for questions, or
the paypal button.               Free Cont U.S. shipping!                     Includes 13 min of
Judge Hart bonus footage!
I have a 25 min full feature DVD of the NORTH WIND.  This has been shown at 5 dive shows.
This DVD has some of the best engine room footage of the older great lakes freighters. It includes a  
bonus chapter with crews quarters and baths.  Created with some of the best visibility in 10 years, this
DVD guides you thru the wreck from bow to stern.   DVD is $15.00 (USD).  Use the contacts link for
questions, or the paypal button.  Free Cont U.S. shipping!
The Minnedosa was the largest wooden schooner built on the
Canadian side of the Great Lakes at 250' long.  However the four-masted
schooner proved to large and unwieldy to be profitable.  Her topmasts
were cut down and she was relegated to schooner barge status.  While in
tow with several other barges, she foundered in Lake Huron in 1905 in
220' of water.  Her elegant curving stern is a joy to see.  Do not miss the
massive wheel!                   DVD is $15.00 (USD).   Free cont U.S. shipping!
I have filmed a local swim team.  The
video helped detect little technical
flaws that added precious time on
their turns.  The pro's do it, so can
your team.  Contact me.

Filming a technical dive class this
spring showed just how valuable
VIDEO can be to both the student and
the instructor.  Scrutinize all
segments of the dive, not just the
main points each of you can
remember.  Think you are swimming
level?   Let's just take a look!   How
close were you to turning those
pesky valves?  Let's see!  
I can easily meet you at Whitestar,
Gilboa, or Portage Quary in Ohio.  
Contact me for availability and rates.
I have a 25 min full feature DVD on 4 deep water wrecks at Whitefish Point, Michigan.  Depths are from 170 to
210 ft.  Wrecks include the
John B. Cowle, Samuel Mather, John M. Osborn, and Vienna.  
This DVD gives a quick overview of some of the great diving off Whitefish Point.  DVD is $15.00 (USD).  Use the contacts
link for questions, or the paypal button.  Free Cont U.S. shipping!
Video of Daniel J. Morrell stern 2014

Morrell Stern on YouTube
Sidewheeler S.S. Detroit

Detroit on YouTube
Rick Kruzel footage
CORNELIA B. WINDIATE    This upright 3 masted
schooner sits off Presque Isle, Michigan in 180 feet of water.  
Two masts still stand and cabin structure intact.  The dvd
overlays some video of the N.O.A.A. museum in Alpena.  This is
one of the "must see" wrecks in the Thunder Bay Marine
Sanctuary.   DVD is $15.00 (USD).   Free Cont U.S. Shipping!
S.S. Florida    She also sits off Presque Isle, Michigan in 200 feet
of water.  She was a package freighter and the holds make interesting
viewing.  Pots and other cargo easy to see.  The forward capstain
cover still present.   DVD is $15.00 (USD).   Free Cont U.S. shipping!
ENGINES OF THE GREAT LAKES  This 12 min DVD was presented at Our World
Underwater's friday night show the spring of 2015.  DVD includes snippits of 6 enging rooms to show
just why one wants to be wreck certified!  Wrecks include Northwind, S.S. Detroit, Regina, Judge
Hart,Cedarville, and Daniel J. Morrell.  
The goal was to dispell the myth of "If you have seen on engine
room, you have seen the all."      DVD is $15.00 (USD).   Free Cont U.S. shipping
Go to my YouTube channel for videos.

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