Marshall’s media

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I do have (old technology) DVD’s available for $10. These were made for 20 min shows at Our World Underwater and others. Also 2 DVD’s made for Captain Gary Venet while he was chartering. Those are: Shipwrecks of Thumb Area Preserve and Shipwrecks of Sanilac Shores Preserve. Thumb as snippets of Dunderberg, Minnedosa, Glenorky, Governor Smith, Detroit, Charles A. King, “Car Ferries”, Daniel J. Morrell, bow and stern. Sanilac has North Star, Mary Alice B., New York, Checotah, Regina.

Cornelia B. Windiate DVD

This wreck is down 180′ off Presque Isle, Mi The video has overlays of the N.O.A.A. museum in Alpena

S.S. Florida DVD

She lies in 200′ also off Presque Isle, Mi. Her holds are filled with pots and other cargo. One of the signature wrecks.

North Wind DVD

She lies in Lake Huron’s North Channel. Great memories of diving her off the Dawnlight from Tobermory, Canada

Gunilda DVD

In 240′ of water off Rossport, Canada. She embodies the word ‘dark’. Also includes footage of the Judge Hart.

Minnedosa DVD

Located off Harbor Beach, Mi in 220′ of water. 250′ long wooden 4 masted schooner. Huge photo-op wheel.

Paradise-Michigan DVD

Wrecks of John B. Cowle, Samuel Mather, John M. Osborn, Vienna