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Marshall and Renee Allan 15726 County Road E Wauseon, Ohio 43567Phone: 419-335-7022 Cell: 419-906-0472Hours are by appointment


It all started late one night in a bar in Toledo, Ohio also known as frogtown. After divermastering, a friend started doodling on the bar napkins. This was at a time when a close by Bad Frog Beer logo was getting bad press for being obscene. A diving frog logo was born. Since most things in this industry are black, Renee started putting the logo on some gear and the name stuck. One car vanity plate and various t-shirts, gear, and more gear later, it continues… It’s just too hard to stop perpetuating the stupidity!


I am a semi retired pharmacist living in Wauseon Ohio. I have been diving since 1990 with my wife Renee and various now good friends met thru diving. I purchased a video camera early on, and now several upgrades later, enjoy documenting the marvels underwater. I have presented at Our World Underwater in Chicago, Beneath the Sea, Boston, and other regional dive clubs. I am cave and advanced trimix certified. In 2019, I became certified on the Hollis Prism2.


I have been married to Marshall for over 40 years. We have 2 grown daughters. I sew and quilt in my spare time. I enjoy both fresh and salt water diving. The diving and sewing has grown into a nautical themed hobby. My husband wants me to put a fish on everything! We have been to the South Pacific, Caribbean, and Latin America. Everything from hammerhead sharks, mantas, to Great Lake shipwrecks have shown up in his videos and in my sewing. I am trimix and cave certified. The past few years working has cut into diving time. But, that is close to an end.

First Bar Napkin Doodling

Hand carved for me in St Lucia

Stained glass for my 50th

That’s me

minus the orange hat


Flat Marshall

Miss one trip and look what happens