Venture Heat

UPDATE: Venture Heat was backordered most of 2021 due to shipping issues. Stock is now expected Apr-May 2022.

The January shipment is all gone. Please check back.

The vest have heating both in the front as well as in the back of the vest. The model for 2022 is the Pro V2 40w.    The vest now has front and back carbon fiber heating.  This allow more flexibility and infrared heating.  Vest is rated to 100m/330ft.  The vest comes with a wireless remote, batteries, and chargers.  Soon to be shipping will be smaller batteries with a twist lock battery connection.  We suggest ordering 1 size larger than your normal t-shirt size. The vest comes with an additional 3 inch zippered insert that can be zipped into the vest for a truly custom fit!  The vest comes with two heat panels that provide 40 watts of high output warmth to the user’s torso. Each powered from the two 5200mah lithium batteries that can be activated by pressing the button on the wireless wrist remote. Incorporated into the undersuits is a haptic status receiver that sends feedback to the user via pulses regarding the 3 heat levels, which works well even with obscured vision while underwater.

Model D616, Pro V2

Bad Frog price $625 retail $799


Generally 1 size up from T-shirt

Compare these vests to Thermalution yellow grade which costs $849, has only 20w of heat, heating only on your back and 180-240 min run time.

Venture Heat offers 40w of heat, heating on both front and back and 180-360 run time.